How to germinate cannabis seeds – Autoflowers – 100% Success rate – Full detailed beginners guide!

In this video I give a full detailed explanation of how I germinate my seeds with 100% success rate. Alot of people just use plain TAPwater which is fine, but not everyone has access to tapwater that has the correct PH or PPM to guarantee 100% germination rate. With my guide I can 100% guarantee that u will have 100% success rate with germinating your seeds.

1. First take some water (preferably RO water) and ph it anywhere between 5.5 & 6.5.
2. Put the seeds in the glass of water
3. Put the glass in a dark environment of around 22-23C and keep it there for a minimum of 18h to max 24h.
4. Put the seeds afterwards in a papertowel (unscented & no colors) and soak the paper towel with the same water the seeds have been soaking in.
5. Put the paper towel in a ziplock bag, this will contain high humidity, and put it back in a dark environment at around 22-23C for atleast 24 to 48h
6. Place germinated seeds into preferred medium


Disclaimer :
This channel was created for educational & documentary purposes. We do not condone illegal activity or endorse the selling of cannabis. If you are not 21+ of age please do not watch this video!


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