How to Tell if a Cannabis Seed is Viable (Good for Germination)

In this video I will show you how to sort seeds and find out which ones are viable within 60 seconds. When I say viable, I mean able to germinate, this in no way determines the sex of the plant which will be male or female from regular seed, or female from feminized seed. To do this takes no special equipment, and this technique was learned from large-scale breeders and tried by me several times. I hope this video can help you sort out your own seeds and inspire you to grow your own! Below is a written script/how to guide.

To do this you will need seeds.

The first way to sort seeds from viable and non-viable is to pull any seeds that are pale, and immature. Mature seeds are brown and typically have black stripes or spots, while immature seeds are normally white, or pale green.

After doing this, squeeze each of the seeds with a bit of pressure between your thumb and forefinger. If the seed cracks, then it is immature and non-viable. A viable seed should be hard and able to withstand a decent amount of force.

This method is not 100% guaranteed, but should help you sort out the majority of the viable seeds for later germination. You can always try to germinate the pale seeds as well, and grow out any seeds that possibly germinate.

And that’s all you need to do to tell if your seeds are viable!

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