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I have recently become addicted to collecting seeds as a hobby. As well as using this site for building up my genetic library. However purchasing seeds overseas and then having two wait for them to get over here always gave me a little anxiety. Also as much as I love Attitude Seedbank, sourcing cannabis seeds in America only makes sense since all the stuff… or at leas the good stuff is from America.

SeedsHereNow is a legit source for us to get our medical or recreational strains, direct from the breeder, from regions across the country at a somewhat reasonable price. Their customer service is spot on and their selection, although not as vast as Attitude, is for sure topshelf and they are building the reputation to back it up. That is just one of the reasons why I feel SeedsHereNow is one of the best cannabis seed banks of 2020.

Today, seeds are expensive. The reason I think SeedsHereNow is one of the Best Cannabis SeedBanks of 2020 in the USA is because:
#1 They have a diverse genetic assortment as well as a huge choice of breeders line’s to work.
#2. They are fairly priced in a world where seeds used to be cheap.
#3 The customer service is fast. I have always received a reply within 24 hours of less.

So if you are new to growing, looking to start a new hobby of collecting or hunting for your next medical phenotype SeedsHereNow is a good place to start and they are one of the more popular companies around right now.

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Maxisun 1500


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