How to germinate cannabis seeds in 3 days! – Success guaranteed – Fastest method!

In this ” How to germinate cannabis seeds ” video, I will show u how I germinate cannabis seeds in 3 days from dry seed to nice and young sprout.

All it takes is some rockwool cubes, some seeds, some base nutrients and the right RH & PH.

1. Soak the rockwool cubes in RO water that has been brought up to 300ppm and 5.5 – 5.8 PH
2. Soak them in this solution for 15 min
3. Next poke a hole in the center of the rockwool cubes no deeper than 1 – 1,5cm
4. Put the seeds in (no need to soak the seeds, put them in dry) with the tip down (the crown or crater should be at the top)
5. Keep RH high at around 90% untill u see the first sprouts coming out of the rockwool cube, after that lower your RH to around 70%
6. Try to keep an even temperature of around 28C during lights on, and 24C during lights off. (Light cycle is 18 hours on, 6 hours off)
7. After about 1 day, ur seeds should allready have sprouted, and looking healthy within 3 days.

If u plan on using the rockwool cubes for RDWC/DWC do not take off the plastic film during germination, if u plan on using the rockwool cubes afterwards in Coco or soil, u can remove the plastic film straight away, because this plastic film is promoting the roots to grow to the bottom which is needed for DWC or RDWC, but if u want coco or soil, the roots are allowed to grow sideways.

Good luck and have fun with this How to germinate cannabis seeds the fastest way!


My RDWC setup

RDWC System : Alien Pro Silver Series – 36L (9,5gallon) – 8 Pot
Lights : Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro Led (2 times)
Light controller : Lumatek Control Panel Plus (HID+LED)
Humidifier : Ram Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L (2 times)
Dehumidifier : Eurom Drybest 30 WiFi
Hygrometer & Temperature meter : SensorPush
Carbon Filter : Phresh 1000m3 filter
Outtake fan : Prima Klima PK125 EC-TC 680m3
Water Monitor : Bleulab Guardian Connect (PH/EC/TEMP)
Ph Controller : Bluelab PH Controller Connect
Airconditioning : Fujitsu ASYG KMTB 14 (4.2kw)
Nutrients : Metrop Nutrients
Seeds : Royal Queen Seeds (Skunk XL Photoperiods)
Reverse Osmosis : 190 Liters/day (50GPD)
UV Sterilizer : KingLight UV Light 16L/minute (4 Gallon per minute)

Thank you to my sponsors for making this possible :
Lumatek Lighting, Alien Hydroponics, Metrop Nutrients & Royal Queen Seeds


This channel was created for educational & documentary puposes. I do not condone illegal
activity or endorse the selling of cannabis. If you are not 21+ of age please do not watch this video!


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