Marine Veteran Hydroponically Grows 46% THCA Cannabis Strain “Sweet Melissa”

Retired Marine veteran, Kyle Pope, hydroponically grows 46% THCA Cannabis Strain “Sweet Melissa” in his deep water culture, off-grid grow operation in Canby, Oregon. Hosted by Cameron Bravmann, Professor at Growers Network University and Principal at Green Belt Strategies. This is Season 1, Episode 3 of Canna Cribs Deep Roots, at Artisan Grown.

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Mission Statement from Artisan Grown

Do the right thing, do the best you can and always show people that you care about excellence. Now, meet the people who make a difference between successful growers and everybody else. They are the reason for Artisan Grown.

Meet Kyle Pope

Kyle Pope is the manager of the Artisan Grown facilities. His previous experience includes being Director of the Advanced LED Lights research center. He is also a retired United States Marine who enlisted in 1989 and served with the 7th Engineers in the Gulf War both in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. During his service Kyle was injured and found his special formulations of Cannabis would allow him to control his injury without the use of opiates. Kyle has been growing Cannabis for approximately 15 years.

Meet Charlene

Charlene Pope is the Administrator of Operations at Artisan Grown and assist within the grow itself. She has the additional responsibility for developing standard operating procedures, supervising training, and coordinating efficiency throughout the Artisan Grown facility. Char holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Meet Bradley

Bradley Phillips is the Director of Genetics at Artisan Grown. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science and Supply Chain Management from Portland State University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management. Brad is developing new Cannabis genetics for Artisan Grown. He has extensive experience pheno hunting new genetics, creating F1 hybrids and stabilized genetics.


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Table of Contents:

HDI Clonex 6:15

Gold Label Hydrocorn 7:36

HDI Root Riot 8:51

Xtreme Gardening Azos and Mycos 11:34

Quest 225 pint dehumidifier 14:55

Growcentia Mammoth P 19:38

Blue Lab Blue Lab Combo Meter, pH & conductivity pens. testing solutions and cleaning supplies 21:33

Common Culture Trellis 22:46

Cure Advantage Cure Machine 31:15



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